Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
Do you have mounting debts that cannot be managed?
Payment Protection Insurance policies have always been sold to consumers when borrowing. Also known
as Accident Sickness and Unemployment insurance, they have been sold to everyone on the basis that
“just in case” you should need it you have it! However the insurance that the lenders provide is generally
expensive and does not provide the cover the client expects.

Fortunately, the sale of these insurance policies will be banned from October 2010.
There is nothing wrong with PPI policies and this can be a beneficial product for you. As long as you were
eligible to use it and it was sold correctly. If not, we can recover the PPI premium for you.

Ask yourself the following questions and relate it to when you borrowed in the past. Were you:
Self-Employed, Retired, Student or Homemaker?
Told you had to take out the PPI to get the credit?
Pressured into taking PPI?
Asked about Pre existing medical conditions?
Informed of cheaper options?(Regular premium insurance)

DGC will claim back the insurance premium that you were charged on loans, credit cards and mortgages where
the insurance was sold incorrectly. Don’t worry if the loan has completed. We can still recover your money
even as far back as 6 years.

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